1. It is easy to install your own rainwater drainage systems. Most people who chose to install their own systems find there are a multitude of things they forgot to consider.  For example, not having enough brackets can cause the system to sag and clog. Did you know that installing gutters need to be at a certain angle to allow water to flow appropriately? Small miscalculations can lead to clogged or damaged drainage pipes. You wouldn’t want to take an entire weekend installing these drainage systems, only to find out that they don’t work properly because they weren’t installed correctly.
  2. Gutter guards eliminate the need to ever clean your systems again. Installing guards or toppers can make necessary cleanings less frequent but does not totally eliminate the need for them. Almost any system will allow at least some debris into the gutters themselves. Even tiny debris can collect over time to create nasty clogs.  The guards do, however, greatly reduce the amount of buildup while reducing the likelihood of blockages occurring. Guards are growing in popularity and while every home and property is unique, many houses can benefit from installing a quality guard system onto their exterior.
  3. It’s simple to clean. When it comes to cleaning your rainwater drainage systems, if you’re not handy with the ladder, you can potentially put yourself at risk. Every year there is an incident of someone falling off the ladder hurting themselves. Most systems get clogged during the winter season because of blockage from leaves collected in the fall and these systems need to be cleaned thoroughly. The cold and wet conditions combined make it extremely difficult to scale a ladder and clean out those gutters. You may be better off leaving your cleanings to the pros if you are looking for Gutter Cleaning Woodstock GA.
  4. Metal guards are the best. Many consumers believe that metal guards are far superior to any other type of system including vinyl.  While metal is a durable choice, the most important aspect to consider when choosing your guards is which overall system is best for your unique home. There are many variables to take into consideration such as the climate in which you live, the foliage around your property, and the home’s architecture. These all play important parts in determining the right system for you, not only based on functionality, but also which system will look the best on your home’s façade.
  5. Few trees means you won’t have debris. Just because a home has few or no trees, there are still many ways debris can get into the gutter system.  The wind can blow leaves from surrounding homes. This is the most common culprit of clogged systems on properties with little to no surrounding trees. While properties with less trees may require fewer cleanings, they still need regular maintenance and inspections. Animals and insects can also cause debris build up.