Most of the time when we hear the word winter, we think of frigid temperatures, wintry mix and snow. And that is true for our locations in the northern zones. However, for locations in the southern zone, winter isn’t so cold or extreme. Since gutter gutter cleaning can only be done when temperatures are above freezing, we typically suggest that cleanings take place during the spring and fall. In regions where freezing does not occur, cleaning gutters in winter is not typically an issue to a professional gutter cleaning company. In addition to temperature, environmental changes during those seasons have a greater effect on the collection of debris in the gutter, leading to a greater demand for cleanings.


If you missed cleaning gutters in the fall, you may have issues going into winter. These issues are not always evident in the winter because your gutter is frozen, but during the first thaw they’ll show. The excess debris in your gutters that was not cleaned prior to winter will result in a sort of debris popsicle within your gutter system.


Cleaning Gutters & Products


During an unusual period of winter thaw, you may be able to use gutter cleaning tools to remove blockages from the gutters and downspout areas. However, it is recommended that you let the pros take care of your concerns. Keep in mind that winter services will vary in the winter months in northern regions. These are 5 common gutter concerns during the winter:


  1. Ice Damming
  2. Weight of ice in/on your gutters
  3. Snow sits on top of your roof
  4. Damages due to added weight of snow and ice
  5. Winter storm damage


Ice Damming


Your first step to avoiding ice damming is proper insulation. But, you can also take the proactive approach to preventing ice damming by using a roof rake to clear a few feet above the edge of the roof. It can help to eliminate the buildup of ice dams. Adding heat cable to your gutter system is also another preventative measure with little to no maintenance. It will keep your gutters at an above freezing temperature and will slowly melt snow and ice buildup on your system to manage ice damming. As mentioned above, winter services vary for our northern hemispheres. 


What Can Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?


Gutter & guard installations (must install both for it to be doable in the winter). Heated gutter & guard installations (must install both to be doable in the winter), snow guards for metal roofs, fascia & fascia wrap (if getting full gutters installed).

What Cannot Be Done In Freezing Temperatures?


You can’t clean your gutters due to the cold temperature. You can’t also repair or replace your existing gutter guards.


How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?


At least twice a year – typically once in spring and once in the fall when the leaves have all fallen. Gutter guards act as a filtration system to keep debris out of your gutters (i.e. Leaves, shingle grit, small animals and pests). They prevent the possibility of interior clogs from happening in your gutters and downspouts. They add strength to the whole system during winter.