Gutter cleaning on your home can be difficult to clean, especially when you don’t have the tools you need to clean them correctly. It’s hard to reach your gutters and soffits with just a ladder and hose, which is why pressure washers are used by professionals to get your gutters cleaned or by using a professional gutter cleaning service is recommended. Have an affordable gutter cleaning company help you out. 


A pressure washer can help eliminate chemical residue, mold, grease, and any other contaminants from your rain gutters. To protect your home and surrounding foliage, there are a number of steps to take when you are going to pressure wash your gutters on your own.


We’ve listed some steps you can follow in pressure washing your gutters. You might want to follow these steps:


Protect Your Foliage


When you are going to use soap to clean your gutters and soffits, you will want to use the low-pressure nozzle and give your gutters, soffits and surrounding foliage a good soak. This will rinse off a good amount of debris and give your soap a chance to work.


After cleaning your gutters, rinse your foliage once again to get rid of any soap residue.


  1. Pressure washer gutter cleaning
  2. Use detergent to get the dirt and grime off your soffits and gutters. Pay attention to the detergent you are using and dilute the detergent as directed.
  3. Cover your soffits and gutters with detergent and let it soak for about 15 minutes. Pay attention to avoid getting water into your soffits, as this can lead to mold and mildew growth.


Remove the Dirt and Detergent


Once the detergent has broken up the dirt and loosened it, use the high-pressure nozzle and rinse your soffits and gutters thoroughly.


Make sure the detergent nozzle is off so that you don’t add more detergent to your home while trying to rinse it off. You will want to use the low-pressure rinse one more time on your home and foliage after rinsing off the detergent to get any remaining particles.


Use a Gutter Cleaning Attachment


You don’t have to get up on a ladder with a pressure washer to clean your gutters. You can use a gutter cleaning attachment instead, which is a much safer way to clean your gutters. When you don’t have the equipment you need, it can be easier to have a professional come and clean your gutters instead.


Cleaning your gutters every now and then can help you save money and keep you away from danger. The cost of getting your gutters cleaned is actually going to be much less expensive than having to pay for the consequences of ignoring them. It is better to be wise in maintaining it properly than a one-time huge cost that will hurt you or your family and also your pocket because of the huge expenses you’ll have.